Posted on Jan 1, 2019

Computer Recycling Services Of South Florida - No Cost To Businesses

It is a NEW year! (2019) Now is the time to get rid of your ALL your OLD Computers, Laptops and Electronics Waste! FREE COMPUTER RECYCLING! FREE E-WASTE PICK-UP! No Cost Computer & Electronics Recycling! Do have a large volume of Computers, Laptops, Servers, Switches, Routers to Recycle! Its a NEW YEAR!, Clear out ALL your Old Computers and Laptop Clutter!! We RECYCLE anything with a PLUG or Battery! Free Drop Off Receipt / Certificate of Recycling and Data Destruction A Contractual Written Guarantee that your Equipment will be Recycled & Disposed of Responsibly & Your Data Will Be Destroyed Beyond Recovery. By properly recycling electronics with an Electronics with us, You ensure proper data destruction, you can prevent unused devices from falling into the wrong hands. FREE, FAST E-WASTE PICKUP!! PROTECT THE EARTH!! COMPUTER RECYCLING SERVICES OF FLORIDA! 1600 NW, 34 Terrace, Lauderhill, Fl. 33311 Call: 1-954-368-4943, 754-206-3126 Mon-Fri: 9am - 5 pm